Improved performance with Lean Healthcare

Hospitals are confronted with constantly rising costs, nearly stagnating case-based charges and a lack of investment capital. This cost pressure makes it difficult to meet the high demands on medical performance, quality and patient safety.

An essential key to improved profitability while at the same time ensuring optimal quality of care, can be found in your hospital processes. In many locations, clinical staff can only spend approx. 30-40% of their time on caring for patients. Vital resources are wasted in the complex day-to-day operations of hospitals. For example, there is often a lack of important information for further treatment, necessary working materials are not available or colleagues who are needed at that particular moment are not available. In addition, the binding through administrative tasks increases more and more.

With Lean Healthcare we support you in developing efficient, patient-centered healthcare processes. In close cooperation with your employees, we identify the factors that waste your doctors and nurses’ important time for patients.

In addition, we support you in improving your quality and safety management. Here you can benefit from our many years of experience with the high safety standards of the aviation industry.

Patient-centered care

The identification and reduction of waste, creates more time for patient care and provides a reduced workload for the hospital staff.

Together we achieve:

  • an optimal, patient-centered assignment of your nurses and physicians

  • Reduced waiting times for your patients and quicker response times in an emergency situation

  • Increased safety and reliability through CRM- systems from the aviation industry

  • Improved coordination and optimized teamwork across clinical departments

  • A case-related reduction of patient’s time remaining in hospital

  • An optimized utilization of the operating and surgery rooms as well as your medical equipment


We are glad to support you developing efficient business processes that increase your performance and quality.